A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life

Please visit the Cross Country Canada Coaching Development webpage for a comprehensive overview of the NCCP Coaching Program and additional resources.

Nordiq Canada Coaching License

In addition to being a trained ski coach at the appropriate level, active ski coaches have the responsibility of registering for a Nordiq Canada Coaching License. Registration is FREE and done online. Link below.

The NC Coaching License comes into effect July 1st 2019, and the registration lasts for one year. Only those coaches with a valid Nordiq Canada Coaching License will benefit from Nordiq Canada’s liability insurance while performing in a coaching role with a registered cross country ski club.

New Coaches: please click the “Intro to Community Coaching” button to learn how to receive a NCCP Coaching # and the steps required to take the Intro to Community Coaching Workshop online.

If you are a parent please take a look at the “Coaching for Parents” documents to see why it is a good idea for parents to take coaching workshops.

Upcoming NCCP Coaching Workshops

Here is the schedule for upcoming NCCP cross country ski coaching workshops in Saskatchewan for the 2018/19 season.

Registration links will be added below when they become available.



Documents and Slides from CCS Spring Coaching Meeting 2019