** Clubs should submit their Loppet Bid Forms to CCS before the Spring AGM in order to have their loppet approved and on the calendar for the next season. For 2019 that deadline is April 19th

What is a Loppet?

(This description was taken from the Saskatoon Nordic website)

A Loppet is a fun, sociable long-distance cross country ski event for all ages and abilities. Think of it as a large, organized ski tour that includes refreshments. Loppets are not necessarily formal races, although the events are often timed, and many skiers challenge themselves to ski as fast as possible in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Other skiers take a leisurely approach, enjoying the scenery and socializing en route. Loppets provide an opportunity to ski different groomed cross country ski trails and befriend skiers from across the province.


The CCS Premium Loppet Series and the Loppet Passport

Worldloppet Passport

Worldloppet Passport

Loppet Passports were brought back by Cross Country Saskatchewan in the 2017/19 season. Initiated by Past-President Craig Francis, it allows Loppeters to keep track of their Loppet participations, distances, and times, as well as encouraging them to explore different Loppets across the province.

This concept is based off of the Worldloppet Passport - where it’s a badge of honour to ski in the 20 world wide Worldloppets over the course of your life.

The CCS Loppet Passports will be available at each Loppet Sign-up Desk, free of charge.

Once you have a copy of the Loppet Passport in your possesion, please register it with CCS to become an official Loppet Series Participant.

To register your Loppet Passport and receive a Registration # you need to:

Email: CCS at ccs@sasktel.net “RE: Loppet Passport Registration” and provide the information above to get your registration #

Or Phone: CCS at 306-780-9240 with your information and get your registration #.

NOTE: Registration must be done prior to your second loppet for participation to be acknowledged.

The Loppet Passport won’t change from year to year (so keep the same booklet for multiple years in a row). However, each season CCS will provide a Loppet Schedule sticker that can be placed on the inside cover of the Loppet Passport which will describe the current season’s loppet schedule.


Participants have 4 seasons within which to ski different loppets.

Award Levels:

• Bronze Pin – 4 different loppets within 2 seasons

• Silver Pin – 7 different loppets in 3 seasons

• Gold Pin – 10 different loppets within 4 seasons

• Platinum Pin – 10 different loppets at the maximum distance within 4 seasons

Youth Certificates (age 14 or under at registration)

• Jack Rabbit – 4 loppets within 2 seasons, can repeat same loppet each season

• Cottontail – 7 loppets in 3 seasons, can repeat same loppet each season

• Hare - 10 loppets within 4 seasons, can repeat same loppet each season

• Klister – 10 different loppets within 4 seasons

Start and finish of the term is based on date of Registration.

General Information and Guidelines

1. Skiers wishing to participate in the Premium Loppet Series awards can pick up a passport at your first loppet sign-in for the season.

2. Register with CCS to receive your registration #, before your 2nd loppet.

3. Participants sign-in at the tours they wish to participate in with the host club and pay required fee.

4. Participate.

5. At the registration desk after each tour the participant presents the passport book to be stamped either: “participated”- less than maximum course distance or,“completed” – the maximum course distance noted.

6. At the end of the season submit evidence of your participation by scanning your passport pages and email to CCS, or Mail your passport to CCS prior to April 15. Mailed passports will be returned.

7. Awards will be made at the CCS Spring General Meeting