Officials Courses in Saskatchewan 2018-19

For Level 1 Officials Training please see CCC links above. Level 1 can be done entirely online.

Level 2 Officials Course

November 23rd-25th, 2019 - SaskSport Office in Saskatoon (510 Cynthia Street)

Registration is FREE for all CCS Club Members.

CCS Officials Certification

In Saskatchewan, officials are certified under the Cross Country Canada officials program. Officials certified under this program are registered with CCS and with CCC. The certification is recognized nationally and by all provincial ski associations.

The purpose of the program is to improve the experience of skiers by ensuring that all events are under the direction of knowledgeable officials working within nationally recognized standards. Club members participating in an officials certification course are eligible for MAP grants to cover expenses. 

 There are five levels in the certification program:

Level One: Now available online! Certified Level One officials can perform all the duties of minor and administrative officials at Olympic-style and Loppet-type competitions. 

Level Two: Typically there are one or two Level Two Officials Courses provided in Saskatchewan each year.

This is taught in an evening and two-day classroom and on-course race situations. A qualifying exam is taken a few weeks after the course, it requires a grade of at least 70 per cent. Certified Level Two officials can perform all the duties of major as well as minor and administrative officials at Olympic and Loppet-type competitions. They can be a Technical Official.  They can also instruct minor officials in their duties. 

Level Three: At present this is taught only outside Saskatchewan at three to four day sessions. A certified Level Three official can teach levels one and two and serve as Technical Delegate for provincial level events. The qualifying exam requires a grade of at least 75 per cent. 

Levels Four and Five: These are designed to train technical delegates for national and international events. 

CCS subsidizes the cost for members and covers standard cost of course conductor including travel and meal expenses.